Our wholesome breads are made from scratch by our skilled bakers using simple, quality ingredients.  We offer a large collection of doughs and styles, and with our crusty artisan line you’ll be sure to find the perfect bread for your meal or occasion. Our Bake Shop offers fresh bread daily and with special ordering, you can always ensure your bread products will be ready when you need them. We also sell our products at a number of grocery stores in Halifax and Wolfville. 

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Our Collection


One of our most popular breads, Multigrain Bread is made with a blend of 10 grains adding a source of fiber to your diet.

- No preservatives added.

- Vegan.

100% Whole Wheat

The healthier alternative to white bread with the goodness of 100% whole wheat flour.

- No preservatives added.

- Vegan.


A quality white bread with a soft, light texture but also firm enough to stand up well when toasted or made into a sandwich.

- No preservatives added.

​- Vegan.

Oatmeal Brown

A Maritime favourite! Oatmeal and molasses give this bread a hearty texture with a little sweetness, which is a classic addition to soup and chili.

- No preservatives added.

- Vegan.

Whole Grain

If you want all the benefits found in wheat, then choose our whole grain bread containing 100% whole wheat, wheat germ and bran, adding a source of fibre to your diet.

- No preservatives added.

- Vegan.


A delicious bread made with aged cheddar cheese, both inside and on top. A great pairing with soup or pasta.

- No preservatives added.


We’ve added plenty of raisins, along with cinnamon, cloves, & nutmeg, to make this classic favourite. Delicious toasted!

- No preservatives added.

- Vegan.

Sour Dough

Our popular sour dough bread has a tangy flavour that adds a little zing to your sandwich, or as an accompaniment to any meal.

- Vegan

Sour Dough Flax

The tangy flavour of sour dough with the health benefits of fibre and omega 3 fatty acids in added flax seeds.

- Vegan


A traditional European egg bread, typically made in a braided loaf, or braided round. This bread is very tasty toasted or slice it thick to make French toast.

- No preservatives added.

- Only available Saturdays by pre-order at our Bake Shop

Marble Rye

Marble Rye is a combination of light and dark rye to make this eye catching bread.  Ideal for adding flavour and visual appeal to any meal.

- Vegan

- Only sold at our Bake Shop


A tasty bread made with raisin, apricots, sunflower seeds, and molasses.  Yummy toasted for breakfast or as a unique addition to your bread basket.

- No preservatives added.

- Vegan.

- Only sold at our Bake Shop

- Only available Saturdays

Challah Cinnamon 

Perfect for French toast! We’ve added a cinnamon swirl to our Challah bread to add flavour and visual appeal to your breakfast or brunch.

- No preservatives added.

- Only sold at our Bake Shop

- Only available Saturdays

Italian Crackers

A thin, crispy cracker that is a tasty accompaniment with soup and chili.  Try it as a base for canapés, or to add texture to your bread basket.  

- No preservatives added.

- Vegan.

- Only sold at our Bake Shop

Bread Styles

Dinner Rolls

A traditional dinner roll. Available as 6 packs in white or multigrain dough. Great with soups, turkey dinner, or even as mini burger buns. 

New England Hot Dog Buns

A hot dog bun made in either traditional or New England shape and available in a variety of flavours.

English Muffins

The traditional choice for eggs benedict and breakfast sandwiches.  Available in white or whole wheat.

Burger Buns

Traditional style hamburger bun, light but with a firm texture that will hold up well when paired with a meat or veggie patty and all the fixings. Available in white  topped with sesame seeds or whole wheat.


Our herb pizza dough is available in our shop in 1 lb balls, white, herb, whole wheat, and multigrain can be special ordered.  A 1 lb ball make will make a large pizza crust.

For added convenience, we offer par baked pizza shells available in 10” rounds. 

Focaccia Buns

Four inch buns topped with olive oil Italian herbs. Available only in our Bake Shop.


Similar to a burger bun but slightly flatter with a swirl pattern on top and dusted with cornmeal. Great alternative to bread for sandwiches. 

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